Chamee – Manoj wedding

Manoj Ridimahaliyedda is my one of good close friends who I met in my school days (I and Manoj involve with most of my outdoor photography assignments. So he works as my photography partner too).Manoj had met Chami nangi couple of years back and they prepared everything for their wedding by 2010, July.Wedding Ceremony took place at Taj in a weekday. So we guys had to start our work in early morning. Here are some shots I cud capture during the Manoj’s BIG day!

Little help from each other……

Tinny ones who always have smiles on their faces……

Mmmm, Take the snap while we are looking face to face (Like this :P)

Huh..!!! She is more prettier than I thought…

Little ones……dont run every where!!


Dilka-Kumara Wedding

We very rarely accept the wedding photography, unless there is anything such as special connection with the client, Significance or anything unique. Dilka is the younger sister of my very close friend, so we decided to cover this wedding. She is very young and has a good skin tone. As a photographer I didn’t have to put extra attention to make her more glamorous. Once Nishee(her saloon is at Homagama) gave her a basic bridal make up, She walked away from the saloon as complete kandian Bride.

We have used two basic lens for these shots.

  • 18-55mm Kit lens
  •  70-300mm macro lens

Studio79 wishes you very happy wedded life…!!!!