Thiwanka Lakmal’s new song

Srilankan music industry has become very energetic and fast refreshing field nowadays. So many youngsters are luking to get in to music field, and do a HIT by them self and be popular among young crowd. This time I had some chance to take part new music video which made by my co-worker/friend Thiwanka Lakmal (He is an UI engineer; just similar to my working scope. And once we two worked for the same IT company)

Jeewya Hansi is a friendly model who I bn knwng for sometime, and she had tkn part in various tv commercials plus fashion related workz.  They decided to assign her for the female role of the video, and she perfectly suited with it.

Lucky bro, I wish you all the best with your new release..!!! 😉

Video teaser here:

Track details:
Track: Api Hamu wunothin
Artist: Thiwanka Lakmal
Lyrics: Mangala Pinto
Music: Tharindu priyankara
Video by: Thaala Roopa revolution(Own by Chamil pathirana)

Video details:
Camera by: Ranga S Bandara
Equipments: DSLR video unit plus lens.
Duration: 6am-4am(almost one day continuous shooting )

Making details:
Camera: Canon 350d with kit lens.
Light source: Available light


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