Thiwanka Lakmal’s new song

Srilankan music industry has become very energetic and fast refreshing field nowadays. So many youngsters are luking to get in to music field, and do a HIT by them self and be popular among young crowd. This time I had some chance to take part new music video which made by my co-worker/friend Thiwanka Lakmal (He is an UI engineer; just similar to my working scope. And once we two worked for the same IT company)

Jeewya Hansi is a friendly model who I bn knwng for sometime, and she had tkn part in various tv commercials plus fashion related workz.  They decided to assign her for the female role of the video, and she perfectly suited with it.

Lucky bro, I wish you all the best with your new release..!!! 😉

Video teaser here:

Track details:
Track: Api Hamu wunothin
Artist: Thiwanka Lakmal
Lyrics: Mangala Pinto
Music: Tharindu priyankara
Video by: Thaala Roopa revolution(Own by Chamil pathirana)

Video details:
Camera by: Ranga S Bandara
Equipments: DSLR video unit plus lens.
Duration: 6am-4am(almost one day continuous shooting )

Making details:
Camera: Canon 350d with kit lens.
Light source: Available light


Derana City of Dance finals

In Last friday(October 15th, 2010) night Derana had organized grand finale of their very famous srilankan talent searching tv program “CITY OF DANCE” at Youth Center, Maharagama. It was filled with so many dancing items, entertaining programs plus so many celebrities.

I also got 3 V-I-P passes (thanks to my dear luving Nilushi Ab. ;)), and I thought to go there with my 50D.

Special thank goes to LAKMAL @ derana for facilitating, arrangements and for the support he gave me

Njoy the pix!!!

Here are some useful technical details:

Camera: Canon 50D
Lens: canon 70-200mm with canon grain-minimizing filter
Light source: Available light.
ISO: 400-1600
Shutter speed: 1/200, 1/250
Total number of pix: 1712
Size: 4752 X 3168
Distance between photographer and stage: 10m
Total capacity it took : 8GB

Light of Change (Charity Fashion show)

I got some opportunity to take part of charity fashion show which was held at water’s edge last night(11th Oct 2010).

Some of captured shots have been displayed here. Special thank goes to Miss Rozanne Diasz and Mr.Meesha Gunawardana for inviting me.

There will be more photos on  “The Modelz” Magazine next issue.

Cheers..!!! 🙂

More information about the event:

Technical Details:

Camera: Canon 50D

Lens: 70-200mm

Light source: Available light.

ISO: 400-1600

Shutter speed: 1/80, 1/125, 1/200, 1/250

Total number of pix: 1147(I know its too much for a event which goes for only 3 hours….lol)

Size: 4752 X 3168

Total capacity it took : 7GB


“The Modelz” Magazine Photoshoot

Yesterday (October 10th, 2010) we had some chance to take part in some magazine photoshoot, which was held at Thalawathugoda, next to Austasia Club (

That was conducted by The Modelz magazine’s official photographer- Meesha Gunawardana ( and Milinda( and I were there to give him some backup.

Dinusha, Pooja, Mayura and Deshan contributed as models, while Madhu and Michel support as makeup artists.

Here you can see couple of frames which I could capture by myself.

Buy “The Modelz” magazine’s next issue for the full series of pix.

(For further magazine information please visit:

Shadowillusionist (Russel Dennis) – Another amazing srilankan talent!

Few months back, I saw a web portfolio with well retouched images and I wanted to search for the guy or the team who behind those.As his name sounds bit western (;)) first I thought he is living somewhere abroad, bt, later on I came to know that he is young SRI LANKAN guy with so much of international and local exposure in adversing and fashion photography.

I am pretty impressed with the beauty of his work( though I have spent more than decade time with photoshop by now, I never wanted to learn retouching other then the designing work I used to do with it.)

Some time back I got a chance to talking to him.Initially we did some sample for International magazine which distribute mainly in Australia. What you guys see below is the cover we did for it (Click on it to see the large size image).

I am luking forward to publish some of work we did together here.So please keep in touch…..

Finally I would like to wish very brilliant future to Mr.Russle Dennis. Im pretty sure all fashion photo fans do luv your work….so keep up the gud work….!!! 🙂

Please feel free to visit his own website for more pix:

Making of Duminda’s ( profile part 1

For duminda’s photo shoot I decided to use some handycam to capture making roles.Part-1 contains the preparations shots I took with my make-up artist Gayani Dush(though she is gud in posing, she is not a model….lol)

All of these clips were captured by Sony MiniDV HD Handycam( we are new to video making field, you will notice some critical errors of capturing video plus some weakness in quality.We are luking forward to avoid those in the future.

Post production bit was done with ADOBE after effects CS3 (you can check out the latest version, CS5 here: )

Here is the video.Njoy!!!