Shoot with Chami

Chami Dilrukshi is an upcoming SL female model who is involved with many TV visuals as well as local magazine photoshoots. I came to know this girl a couple of months back through my friend (meesha gunawardhana @ THRIMANA photography), and I added her to my facebook profile. After couple of initial discussions, we planned a non-commercial photoshoot and we decided to do it in my studio and at an o
old garage. There was no makeup artist involved with this shoot, but fortunately Chami had fair knowledge of basic makeup. So she managed that by herself.
I have used selective color theme on these pictures (It gives some prominence to foreground object, specially when you don’t have the support from you equipments such as lenses), and I used Canon rebel xt along with 18-55mm f4 lens. I used Indian pro-lights kit with snoot for indoor shooting while I used Canon 580 ex II as the external lighting source.

All of these pix have been retouched with the purpose of publishing on this blog, so I still see some mistakes in the edges.


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